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14 Million Parents Have Never Talked Gun Safety With Their Kids

8 kids are killed or injured by guns every day

One of the most important things you can do to help protect your children is to have an open and frank discussion with them about gun safety, whether or not there are guns in your household. Every day around 8 children are killed or 42 injured by a gun, mostly in the home or family or friends.

In August 2010 the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health conducted a survey intended to investigate whether parents have talked to their children about gun safety.

The evidence is that somewhere around 15% of homes have at least one gun lying around loaded.

The survey polled 1621 parents about gun ownership and safety. The results were alarming. 33% of all parents with children between the ages of 5 and 17 say they have a gun in the household. The survey discovered that 82% of parents who had guns in their homes had discussed gun safety with their children but, worryingly, only 48% of parents who did not own guns have discussed gun safety with their children. 

In total around 14 million parents have never talked about gun safety with their children.

Parents were also asked “how worried are you that your child could get hurt with a gun whenever friends home?” 19% of parents reported that they were very worried about this possibility. Biometric gun safe will be best choice to prevent childrens from using guns.

The implications of this survey are alarming

There are roughly 35 million households in the US with children under 18. And with gun ownership so high in this country it is extremely worrying that almost half of all parents who do not own guns have never discussed gun safety with their children. One of the most important discussions can have with your children is about gun safety.

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And equally worrying is that almost 20% of parents who have a gun in the house have also never discussed gun safety with their children.

As the report points out that parents should discuss this issue with their children using age appropriate language to emphasise the number of points about gun safety including

  • Never point a gun at anybody even if you think it’s not loaded
  • Never handle a gun unless with an adult
  • Always point the muzzle the become in a safe direction

The ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign. Gun Safety Around Children

The ASK campaign (Asking Saves Kids) is all about protecting children from weapons which are not safely secured in a dwelling. It was created by the Center to Prevent Youth Violence in collaboration with the American Academy of Paediatrics

The basic aim of the campaign is to prompt parents to ask other parents, when their children are going to play at the home of another child, one simple question.

“Is there a gun where your child plays?”

It might be simple but it’s extremely powerful.

If the answer to this simple question is yes then the parent asking the question should follow up by making sure that any and all weapons in the house are locked safely away and inaccessible to children, prefer a fingerprint gun safe.

And, importantly, that the weapons in the safe are unloaded and the ammunition is stored, securely, someone else.

There is an “ASK Day” which is on 21st June in 2014 and a Parent Toolkit.